Know about Emotional Eating – Part II

Controlling the disorder

Emotional eating is not a disease so there is no medicine for it. It’s just a situation of hyperactivity and could be balanced by understanding the issues. If you are an overeater, you need a little more self control and a bit of soul searching.

It is better to write your activities. Write when you crave, what you crave for and your thoughts before eating and after eating, whether you eat while alone or in mass gathering.

emotional eating Know about Emotional Eating – Part II

Noticing your every moment for a week or so would explain the patterns. And identifying these patterns would help you in controlling yourself.

Remedies for emotional eating

It is a slow process and needs your self control. Unless you want to overcome it, you won’t make it. Of course we all need a support in our emotional times. So instead of relying on food, try our something else.

Get help from your friends and family. You can also join any active group. This will turn out your emotions into a proper direction. When you’ll share, you’ll feel relaxed and calm.

distraction Know about Emotional Eating – Part II

Distraction is also a good way to stop overeating. If you eat when you are alone or bored, try to absorb in something creative. Listen to some good music or get onto a good novel or any movie. If your eating is more with peers and friends, keep a check on yourself. Don’t eat unless you are really hungry. Engage into the talks and fun activities but don’t head to the table.

Yoga Meditation Know about Emotional Eating – Part II

Burn some calories whenever you feel like gaining some. This will keep you active and fit and would also divert your mind. Doing yoga and mediation is also beneficial. Listening to you is important, so have a conversion with yourself.

Know about Emotional Eating – Part I

Eating is important. We eat to live and stay healthy. Food gives the energy and nutrition to our body. But when we start eating to satisfy our craving or to manage our stress, it is not healthy eating. It is emotional eating.

binge eating Know about Emotional Eating – Part I

You might have heard about emotional eating and at some point of time faced the problem too. We are calling it a ‘problem’ because emotional eating is a kind of health hazard that leads to various health issues. Overeating could cause obesity, heart diseases, diabetes and various other chronic disorders.

So before you face the issue of emotional eating find out the reasons and possible cures of it.

What is emotional eating?

When you’re happy or sad, you eat. When you celebrate a moment or event, you eat. When you are at party or any gathering, you eat. So in short, you need only a reason to eat.

Whatever we eat has a chemical reaction that works on our nerves and hormones. High sugar food, for example, elevates serotonin in brain, thus decreases the level of cortisol (a stress hormone) for a time being. It relaxes our mind and gives us a mild feeling.

When we feel relaxed after eating a certain type of food, the next time we are into the similar situation, we crave for that food. This is where we become emotional eater.

Identifying an emotional eater

In some cases the level is very low and not harmful but in others it is even higher than the critical point. Therefore, it is important to identify an emotional eater at the early stage to control the situation.

0 Know about Emotional Eating – Part I

These eaters generally crave for high calorie unhealthy and fattening food. Men usually love to eat junk food like burgers, French fries and very spicy fried food. For women chocolates, ice-creams, shakes and cookies are the great helpers.

In a situation of real hunger a person eats whatever comes to hands. But an overeater needs the exact food he craves for.

Virtual exercise partners could be a great motivator

Life is becoming faster and the need of being fit is increasing every day. You can’t stop because you are tired or saturated. Instead you have to be fit and active to achieve your goals in time.

Exercise is therefore a ritual you should follow religiously to keep yourself at the active end of life. Whether you choose to run to burn the extra fat or opt for yoga and meditation for a stress-free living, some inspiration is always needed.

fitness tips virtual workout buddy 2 Virtual exercise partners could be a great motivator

Some people are self-motivated which is a good thing. They are not required any external boasting to work out on their fitness plans. But this is not the case with everybody. More or less we all need at least a little inspiration.

This could be through an instructor, a peer, a family member but it is very effective when it comes from an exercise partner.

how to be a personal trainer 6b Virtual exercise partners could be a great motivator

According to researches, a gym buddy is very helpful in boasting our motivation. When you workout with a pal, it energize you to do bit more every day and also drags you to the fitness center even if you are not interested. But what if you don’t have a partner?

Well, a recent research has shown that a virtual exercise partner is also helpful in boasting your motivation. The study has shown that women who biked with a virtual partner had higher motivational level as compared to those who biked alone.

ExercisePartner m 0529 Virtual exercise partners could be a great motivator

The findings concluded that virtual partners who were exercising at the same time at another location helped people in meeting their exercise goals.

Higher motivation is important to pursue the healthy lifestyle. And if this can be achieved through a virtual mate, then you should find one.

Chair yoga: Modern Avatar of Yoga.

Of the buzzword yoga, chair yoga seems to have taken the western world by storm. While archaic images of a girl sitting cross legged with hands on her knees are common, chair yoga can radically alter these.

143ChairYoga elderly pic Chair yoga: Modern Avatar of Yoga.

Here are 8 Best Office Chair Yoga Exercises:

All benefits of yoga can be achieved by practicing yoga from the comfort of your own office chair.  Now isn’t that easy and awesome. In fact, you don’t need to limit your chair yoga practice to work.   Try chair yoga exercises when flying, in a bus, on a train, watching TV, sitting at someone’s bedside for long periods or even in a waiting room.

A hot favorite is the “twist”.  When you actually do this pose, after sitting for hours, you will realize just how stiff your back has actually become.

1 – Twist

Place your palms on the arm of the chair and turn your chest and abdomen to the right, moving your left shoulder forward and your right shoulder back.  Expand your chest fully and feel your body detoxifying.  Twists are great for the spine and your abdominals. Repeat on the other side.

2 – Eagle Arms

Sit erect and place arms in front of you.  Cross your arms so that the right arm is above the left.  Interlock your arms and press your palms together with the tips of your fingers pointed upwards.  Feel yourself contracting.   This is a good preventative measure against carpal tunnel syndrome.

3 – Lotus Preparation

Lotus is the traditional pose for meditation.  You can just sit comfortably in your chair, with your neck and spine straight and erect. Place your hands palms up, with the thumbs and first fingers touching in each hand.  This helps free your spine from the stress of sitting at your desk all day.   Traditional Sanskrit texts claim that Lotus (“Padmasana”) , destroys all disease.  Lotus is a two-sided pose, so be sure to practice both leg crosses.

4 – Mountain Pose

Sit erect, clasp your hands, and extend your arms forward.  Turn the palms away from you and raise your arms until the palms face the ceiling.  Stretch and feel yourself growing taller .This posture strengthens your sides.  If you want, add to this posture by bending your arms to each side.

5 – Lunge

Put your hands on the chair, take your left foot back, and sink into a low lunge.  This is a great stretch for the hamstrings and it also strengthens the calf muscle group.  Repeat on the other side.

6- Thread the Needle

Sit in your chair and cross your right leg over your left knee.  Flex both feet and lift them off the floor.   Thread the needle is done by clasping your hands around your left leg, just under your knee. Repeat with the other leg.

7- Scale Pose

Place palms on the arms of your chair and cross your ankles.  Exhale, contract your abdominal muscles, and lift your buttocks and legs away from the floor.  Hold the position for about five breaths.  Lower yourself uncross your legs, and repeat the motion with ankles crossed the other leg up.  If you can’t lift yourself, change the cross of ankles, and repeat the motion.  

8– Restorative Poses

Before returning to work, give yourself a few minutes to relax.  This relaxing pose is simple, and is very effective in reducing stress in your facial muscles and helping prevent fatigue.   Simple cross your arms and place them on the surface in front of you.  Then rest your head on your crossed arms.

Zumba – Why is it becoming so popular?

Has anyone tried a Zumba Class? It is one of the most popular intense dance-aerobics workouts. It is something that about 1 million Americans have tried. So I set out to figure out why it is gaining so much popularity, is it actually beneficial or is it just hype.

clip image0021 Zumba – Why is it becoming so popular?

This dance fitness program was designed by dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez in Columbia during the 1990’s and was promoted and marketed by entrepreneur Alberto Perlman who made the concept popular through dance classes and branded merchandise.

One of the Zumba fans quoted on yahoo It’s a party," Jones said in trying to describe Zumba (pronounced ZOOM-buh), which is Colombian slang for "fast." "It emulates being in a nightclub without the drinking, the smoking, the bad pickup lines."

Here is exactly why this dance intensive workout has become a rage

1. Fun Workout

There can be nothing better than working out and enjoying every bit of it. The lively music and the laid back atmosphere at Zumba classes ensure that it never becomes a workout session but a fun group activity.

2. Burn Calories

And yes while you are having all the fun, your body is burning about 600 to 1000 calories in every single class.

3. Happy workout

Anyone who has fun and burns calories is sure to come out happy from the class.

4. It is nothing complicated

Lot of people do not attempt this, as they shy away from dancing. Zumba is based on easy steps that most of us can easily master.

5. It’s a full body workout

Zumba with its simple Latin dance steps helps strengthening down the core including arms, legs and abdomen.

Jump for your life

clip image002 Jump for your life

If you are too lazy to hit the gym every day or too busy to take out an hour everyday for working out, then maybe you should try jumping rope. Jumping rope might remind of you of many childhood memories, but it is also a great workout and you hardly need any space for it.

This sport is also comprehensive that it can easily find space in anyone’s lifestyle. The best thing about this work out is that it is highly enjoyable and something that you can do alone or in a group.

Benefits of Jumping Rope

Easy to Learn

Jumping Rope is very easy to learn and people with all kinds of fitness level can learn this. And you don’t need a trainer to teach you, you can easily learn it on your own.

Effective Workout

clip image004 Jump for your life

Jumping Rope is great work out, on an average it burns between 800 to 1000 calories per hour, making it one of the most intensive workouts. Jumping rope is a great cardiovascular workout which optimizes your athletic skills by combining agility, coordination and endurance.

American College of Sports Medicine recommends this for body’s aerobic conditioning. It is even considered a great workout for heart and lung health. Jumping rope for 3 to 5 times a week, for 12 to 20 minutes will get heart rate into training range.

Selecting Jump Rope

clip image006 Jump for your life

Jump Ropes are inexpensive; a decent quality jump rope can be bought for about $10. When selecting a jump role, stand on the rope with your feet on the middle of the rope, the ends of the rope or the handle should be reaching up to your armpits. Handles should be comfortable to hold.

Surface to Jump Rope

What makes jumping rope so popular is that you can do it anywhere. However always look for cushioned surfaces, such as carpeted floor and avoid concrete surfaces.

Use athletic shoes, the ones that you use to walk or run to jump rope.

Yellow or Brown – What Color is your FAT?

bellyfat Yellow or Brown – What Color is your FAT?
It might sound a bit obscure, but your body houses two kinds of fat – yellow and brown. Yellow fat is what obese people have, it act as an insulator and store house of those excess and unused calories. Brown fat is one that burns those excess brown fat or unused calories. If you have got enough brown fat in your body, you might be eating anything and everything at any given time and still not gaining a pound.

The good news is there are many natural remedies that one can use to accelerate the fat burning. It is obviously no substitute to exercise, without exercising there is no way possible of losing weight.

· Magnesium rich leafy green vegetables are known to kick off the fat
   burning process in the body.

· Ginger and cinnamon were often used in Chinese medication as well
   as Ayurveda as they break down body fat.

· Green Tea and White Tea – They have high level of antioxidants which
   speeds up the metabolism rate and thus converting yellow fat into brown

· Food that contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 are another such food that
   activates brown fat. Omega-3 is present in tuna, salmon, cod, leafy greens
   as well as sprouts. Omega-6 is mostly found in nuts, flaxseed, walnuts, etc.

White Tea – What is it?

whiteteahealth5908 White Tea – What is it? First it was black tea, then green tea and now it is white tea that is gaining much popularity these days. White tea was drunk in China for many hundreds of years. While even black tea and green tea are also healthy, white tea is the least processed of all these and contains the highest level of anti-oxidants.

White Tea is derived from the same plant as other teas, camellia sinensis. The difference is that it is plucked from the plant even before the leaves are fully open. The tea buds are at that time still covered with thin white hair and thus the name white tea.

Most of the White Tea was originally grown in China and Japan, now it even grown in Darjeeling and Sri Lanka.

Benefits of Drinking White Tea

1. Given the high level of anti oxidants that this tea contains, it really helps improve your immune system.

2. Helps in slowing down aging.

3. Helps fighting against cancer causing cells especially colon, stomach and prostrate cancers.

4. Studies even reveal than white tea can thin the blood and improve artery function, thus help in lowering blood pressure.

5. Lowers Cholesterol.

6. Drinking two or more cups of white tea a day can lower the risk of heart attack up to 50%.

7. Drinking white tea increases metabolism which when combined with regular exercise can speed up your weight loss process.

8. Loaded with anti oxidants, it prevents your skin from many damages and helps it stay young.

 White Tea – What is it?

Healthy Living!

exercise Healthy Living! Over packed work schedules, late night parties, junk food in our minds, there could not be a worse time for our bodies. But then, we can’t really help, not at least with most of it. Our lives are going to be as busy and we can’t help but socialize but at the late hours. What we can probably do is to make a conscious decision of living healthy.

It’s just one week past this New Year and most of us have already forgone our resolution of staying fit.

Just by taking a conscious decision of trying to live healthy we will take the first and probably the most important action. One has to stop being just a passive spectator and start being an active participant in one’s life and what one does with it. You don’t really need to change your lifestyle extensively, but may be just start by making better and healthier choices.

Eating the right food and regular exercise are the two most important ingredients to healthier life. You are what you eat and there are no two ways about it. Eating right at the right hours is the most important way to stay healthy and feel healthy. Whether you believe in working out or not, without eating healthy you can’t really stay healthy. And eating surely doesn’t mean that you have to starve yourself, go on that crash diet or totally cut down on your favorite food. It just means eating everything but in moderate amounts.

Exercising that too regular exercising is as important for healthy lifestyle as well. If you are too busy or too lazy and one hour of working out is just too ambitious for you, then start by baby steps. Make a work routine that can fit in your schedule. Start by a ten minute walk, may be some rope skipping, yoga or anything that you love. Our body needs some exercise, some warm up, some attention every day!

 Healthy Living!
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